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    Being a Collective – TIC West 2017

    By Reem Mohamed from MAS DC Estimated Reading Time: 2.5 Minutes I have been reading, “Oh Allah, You know that these hearts have come together in loving You” for years, almost every day, twice a day. I knew what the words meant, but I recited them automatically, unfeelingly. The first time I read this duaa (from… Continue reading »

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    Post-Ramadan Survival Guide

    By Lobna Mulla, MAS Tarbiya Director Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes One week after Eid, many of us are back to our routines of eating during the day, sleeping through the night, and feeling, well, not as spiritual as we felt during Ramadan. What can we do to reap the most benefit from last month’s… Continue reading »

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    Keep Your Eyes on the Prize – 3 Tips for the Last Days in Ramadan

    By Lobna Mullah, MAS Tarbiya Director Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes As we strive for increased worship and heightened spirituality during these last days and nights of Ramadan, it is important to stay on course. While some are having to plan for Eid logistics, others are already planning for their post-Ramadan food adventures, while others are… Continue reading »

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    Spring Cleaning for the Soul – In Preparation for Ramadan

    By Lobna Youssef Mulla, MAS Tarbiya Director Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes Cleaning out the closet feels great. You go through all of your stuff, throw away whatever you don’t want, and give away things you don’t need. In the end, you know you are left with more space, a clean area, and peace of mind…. Continue reading »

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    Discomfort and Growth – An Unlikely Partnership

    By Lobna Youssef Mulla Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes “Are you guys uncomfortable?!” yelled the gym cycling instructor. Taking our group silence as an affirmative response, she continued, “Good! You grow from discomfort.” “Hmm, a Tarbiya concept, I thought to myself. ” The connection made me struggle through the class with more motivation. Fast forward… Continue reading »

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    Tarbiya Lessons in “13th”

    By MAS National Tarbiya Department Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes 13th Netflix Original Documentary; 2016; 1 hr 40 min Director: Ava DuVernay Recommended for ages 16+ on Common Sense Media. Disclaimer: This documentary is powerful and extremely educational. However, there are some strong scenes that may be disturbing for some audiences regardless of age. Please… Continue reading »

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    The Adab (Perfection of Character) of Disagreeing

    By Munther El-Alami from Boston Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes In the name of Allah (swt), The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful, “When you’re involved in work for the sake of Allah, one of the greatest fitna (here best translated as temptation) you’ll experience is in dealing with the people you work with.” I heard… Continue reading »

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    By Maha Ezzeddine from Detroit Estimated Reading Time: 4 Minutes I’ve attended nine different usras* in four states, trudging through rain, rush hour, and snowstorms; high school, college, grad school, and motherhood; after fajr, after isha, and anytime in between. But for the last two years, I suffered an usra-less spell. The repercussions alarmed me and… Continue reading »

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    Do You Find Yourself Becoming a News Junkie?

    By Fayez Khwaja from Atlanta Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes Do you find yourself turning to the internet often to find out the next bit of news about the presidential transition? Do you find yourself scanning Facebook for the next story posted by this friend or that friend? Ask you yourself why. Always ask why. Why… Continue reading »

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    A Reflection on Hijab

    By Dr. Imad Bayoun Estimated Reading Time: 4 Minutes In the Name of God, the Most Merciful, the Beneficent Some sisters (including some non-Muslim friends) have asked me recently about the Hijab, and why Muslim women wear it.  This is for them specifically, and everyone interested.  It was not written it out of judgement of… Continue reading »