The 99 Names Duaa


Presented below is a compilation of duaa (prayers) submitted by youth that attended the Annual Youth Meeting in January 2017. We ask Al-Mujīb, to accept these duaa as a form of sadaqah jariyah (continuous charity) for each individual who helped put it together. Ameen.


Allāh (swt) says in the Qur’an: “And to God belong the Most Excellent of Names (Al-Asma’ Al-Husna), so call on Him by them…” (7:180)

Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, said “God has ninety-nine names and whoever preserves them will enter Paradise.” (Jami` at-Tirmidhi)

About this Prophetic statement, the famous Islamic scholar Ibn al-Qayyim, stated that preserving them means three things; in summary:

    1. Knowing The Beautiful Names and the number of Names
    2. Understanding what they mean (in their many meanings) and what they indicate
    3. Calling upon God using them, as indicated in the verse above. Calling on God can be simply for praise and worship, as well as for asking for one’s needs.

Thus it is the person who learns them, implements their understanding, and connects to God through them.

Our Lord, we have no knowledge except what You have taught us. Make beneficial for us the knowledge You have given us, and grant us knowledge that is beneficial for us.

Duaa (prayers):

Ya Allāh. La ilaha illa Allāh. There is no god but You, alone, without partner. To You belongs the sovereignty, to You belongs all praise, and You have power over everything.

Ya Allāh, Ya Raḥmān, The Most Compassionate: have mercy on us. Make us worthy of Your mercy. Remind us of Your mercy on our lives and instill in us of Your mercy so that we may be merciful unto others.

Ya Allāh, Ya Raḥīm, The Most Merciful: ease our being with Your mercy.

Ya Allāh, Ya Malik, The Ultimate King: protect us from ours desires and seeking out power.

Ya Allāh, Ya Quddūs, The Most Holy: perfect our character and purify our hearts and souls.

Ya Allāh, Ya Salām, The Source of Peace: we ask that You cleanse our hearts and minds with ease and peace and allow us not to dwell on our past, but rather to learn from it.

Ya Allāh, Ya Mu’min, The Inspirer of Faith: place true security and faith in our hearts so that we may be of the believers.

Ya Allāh, Ya Muhaymin, The Overseer: we ask You to protect us from ourselves, our mistakes and sins, and all our flaws and to steer for us our affairs towards that which is best for us and that which pleases You and brings us closer to You.

Ya Allāh, Ya ʿAzīz, The Victorious: no one can overpower You, we ask You to rid us of those who abuse their power to oppress others.

Ya Allāh, Ya Jabbār, The Compeller: please help us through our hardships in life and help us stay in Your constant remembrance, so that our hearts and faith will never be broken when we place them entirely in You. And if we do have our hearts broken, because we have forgotten You, please forgive us and show us the right path.

Ya Allāh, Ya Mutakabbir, The Greatest, give us the patience to learn more about Your graciousness.

Ya Allāh, Ya Khāliq, The Creator: please allow us to be thankful for the blessings You have given and created for us.

Ya Allāh, Ya Bāriʾ, The Maker of Order: You are the creator of the heavens and the earth and everything in between. Make us amongst those who are the best of creation and constantly contemplate and reflect upon Your creation.

Ya Allāh, Ya Muṣawwir, the Shaper of Beauty: give us sight to Your bounties and allow us to appreciate all that we are given.

Ya Allāh, Ya Ghaffār, The Forgiving: we ask that You forgive us for all of our sins.

Ya Allāh, Ya Qahhār, The Subduer: You are all-prevailing over everyone and everything. Help us to never associate anything with You.

Ya Allāh, Ya Wahhāb, The Bestower: bestow upon us Your love and mercy and shower us with Your blessings.

Ya Allāh, Ya Razzāq, The Provider: bestow upon us the willpower to properly utilize the resources You bless us with and provide us with the patience to act in such a way that would respect You as The Sustainer when times get tough and trying.

Ya Allāh, Ya Fattāḥ, The Opener: open our hearts to truth and guidance. You are The One Who decides our fate.

Ya Allāh, Ya ʿAlīm, The All-Knowing: You know that which we do not know, so guide us to what is best for us.

Ya Allāh, Ya Qābiḍ, The Seizer: give us the wisdom to recognize when You are withholding something from us, to understand the lesson behind it, and grant us the patience to learn from it.

Ya Allāh, Ya Bāsiṭ, The Expander: grant us patience with every hardship we face and make us grateful with every prosperity we are granted.

Ya Allāh, Ya Khāfiḍ, The Abaser: remove all the arrogance in our hearts, teach us to be humble, and to always remember You in everything we do. Allow us to be protectors of the oppressed and guide us on the path of righteousness.

Ya Allāh, Ya Rāfiʿ, The Exalter, allow us to humble ourselves before You so that You may raise us in rank in this world and the hereafter.

Ya Allāh, Ya Muʿizz, The Honorer: keep us sincere in our actions so that we only commit them for His sake.

Ya Allāh, Ya Mudhil, The Humiliator: save us all from being oppressors and hypocrites and make it so that we are always humble and know how to stay in our lane. Please free the oppressed from the hands of their oppressors.

Ya Allāh, Ya Samīʿ, The All-Hearing: You are the hearer of all prayers, please guide our intentions to what is best for us.

Ya Allāh, Ya Baṣīr, The All-Seeing: we leave all of our affairs to You.

Ya Allāh, Ya Ḥakam, The Ultimate Judge: allow us to trust in You to protect against injustice.

Ya Allāh, Ya ‘Adl, The Just: allow us to uphold justice, so that we fulfill our trusts and being aware of Your signs and cautious of Your warnings.

Ya Allāh, Ya Laṭīf, The Friendly: be gentle with us.

Ya Allāh, Ya Khabīr, The All-Aware: allow us to trust in You to get through the obstacles we are facing. Grant us sincerity in our actions. Allow us to be content with what You have blessed us with.

Ya Allāh, Ya Ḥalīm, The Forbearing: allow us to be like garments that conceal the sins of others and the sins of our own selves, and be forgiving of all our sins on the Day of Judgment.

Ya Allāh, Ya ʿAẓīm, The Magnificent: help us to sincerely love You and know You to better worship You.

Ya Allāh, Ya Ghafūr, The Forgiving: please forgive our mistakes, the mistakes of our families and friends, those before and after us, and the rest of the Muslim community.

Ya Allāh, Ya Shakūr, The Grateful: please continue to bless us with Your blessings and allow us to appreciate all the small things in life.

Ya Allāh, Ya ʿAlīy, The Most High: give dignity to those who feel intimidated and silenced by the oppressors, and ya Allāh help us realize our strengths while maintaining humility and humbleness.

Ya Allāh, Ya Kabīr, The Great: You are far Exalted above being confined by a certain place, space or volume, You are greater than all our fears, help quell our fears and anxieties.

Ya Allāh, Ya Ḥafīẓ, The Guardian: there is no one greater than You. We ask for Your protection and guidance for us and for our brothers & sisters in Islam as we work hard to please You.

Ya Allāh, Ya Muqīt, The Sustainer: nourish us with Your endless bounty, make us of those who will assist in providing nourishment for others through Your means, and provide for all those who are in need of Your nourishment.

Ya Allāh, Ya Ḥasīb, The Reckoner: we ask that You suffice us as You are the best guardian.

Ya Allāh, Ya Jalīl, The Majestic: allow us to develop a deeper state of reflection and sense of You and the wonders of Your creation.

Ya Allāh, Ya Karīm, The Generous: be generous in Your mercy, love and forgiveness when we are grateful and when we forget to be.

Ya Allāh, Ya Raqīb, The Watchful: allow us to watch over our loved ones as you watch over us.

Ya Allāh, Ya Mujīb, The One Who Answers All: as You promised to accept and respond to our prayers we ask You To make it easy on us to create and maintain a strong relationship with You and allow us to always be humble enough to turn to You for Your sole assistance in our affairs.

Ya Allāh, Ya Wāsiʿ, The All-Embracing: we ask that You don’t limit us and accept the journey we are taking towards You.

Ya Allāh, Ya Ḥakīm, The All-Wise: grant us the ability to place our complete trust in You, as You know what is the best for us.

Ya Allāh, Ya Wadūd, The Affectionate: allow this experience of learning about Your names and attributes to help us grow to know You better and to worship You so that we may be entered into Your realm of love.

Ya Allāh, Ya Majīd, The Glorious: grant us mercy and blessings as You are the most glorious and noble.

Ya Allāh, Ya Bāʿith, The Resurrector: we ask You to grant us the best of endings and resurrect us on it.

Ya Allāh, Ya Shahīd, The Witness: allow us to truly understand and always feel Your presence.

Ya Allāh, Ya Ḥaqq, The Truth: make us among those who believe in the truth and accept Your will as the truth.

Ya Allāh, Ya Wakīl, The Trustee: we have done our part, so help us complete what we have planned.

Ya Allāh, Ya Qawwī, The Most Powerful: our powers compared to Yours are insignificant. Give us the strength to face and change tyranny. Give us the confidence and trust when we feel helpless and overburdened.

Ya Allāh, Ya Matīn, The Firm: we ask You to make our hearts firm and steadfast upon Your religion.

Ya Allāh, Ya Walī, The Protector: You have told us that You would take us from darkness into light, so take us from darkness into light.

Ya Allāh, Ya Ḥamīd, The Most Praiseworthy: to You we express utmost adoration, gratitude and submission.

Ya Allāh, Ya Muḥṣī, The Reckoner: You comprehend all things in their inner and outer details, You know our actions and the intention behind those actions, help us maintain the sincerity of our actions

Ya Allāh, Ya Mubdiʾ wa Ya Muʿīd, The Originator and The Restorer: You will restore us, so we ask that You do so when we are in the best state of eman. Allow us the chance to turn back to You when we distance ourselves from You.

Ya Allāh, Ya Muḥyī, The Giver of Life: as You gave Uzayr back his life and the whole of Jerusalem, we ask You to bring life back to our hearts with faith.

Ya Allāh, Ya Mumīt, the Taker of Life: purify our wealth and make it a means for us to attain Your pleasure. We ask You for the best ending.

Ya Allāh, Ya Ḥayy wa Ya Qayyūm, The Living and The Eternal: by Your Mercy we seek help, rectify for us all of our affairs and do not leave us to depend on ourselves, even for the blink of an eye.

Ya Allāh, Ya Wājid, The Finder: as You found us before, ya Allāh find us constantly in Your obedience.

Ya Allāh, Ya Mājid, The Noble: bestow honor and justice upon the Muslims throughout the world.

Ya Allāh, Ya Wāḥid, The One: we ask You to keep us all on the straight path.

Ya Allāh, Ya ʾAḥad, The One: we make our intentions for our good deeds, only for You and no one else. Provide us with the wisdom, faith, and strength that no one can provide us with, but You.

Ya Allāh, Ya Ṣamad, The Everlasting Refuge: to You we turn for all of our needs and ask You to help us remain firm and steadfast on Your faith.

Ya Allāh, Ya Qādir, The All-Powerful: we ask You to grant us the strength to overcome obstacles that come our way.

Ya Allāh, Ya Muqtadir, The Prevailing: You are perfect in all ability, and we have no power, allow us to have faith so that what may seem impossible to us is possible with Your help.

Ya Allāh, Ya Muqaddim, The Promoter: allow us to see that what You do for us is always beneficial and make us content with Your wisdom.

Ya Allāh, Ya Mu’akhir, The Detainer: forgive our past and future sins. Forgive whatever we have done in secret, and whatever we have done in public, and what You are more knowledgeable of than us. You are The One Who brings forward and Who delays, there is no deity worthy of worship but You

Ya Allāh, Ya ‘Awwal, The First: allow us to never put anything before You. It is in Your name that we begin any of our affairs.

Ya Allāh, Ya ‘Akhir, The Last: allow us to remain attached to You, as You and Your pleasure is our end result.

Ya Allāh, Ya Ẓāhir, The Evident: give us the sight to see Your signs.

Ya Allāh, Ya Bāṭin, The Most Intimate: Nothing is nearer to us than You, grant our hearts the ability to naturally grow closer to You.

Ya Allāh, Ya Wālī, The Protector: we ask of You to protect everyone that is suffering around the world with Your power and punish the oppressors that are putting hardship on the believers.

Ya Allāh, Ya Mutaʿālī, The All-Exalted: please keep us on the straight path.

Ya Allāh, Ya Barr, The Beneficent: strengthen our reliance on You, to affirm that all goodness is from You and all from You is goodness.

Ya Allāh, Ya Tawwāb, The Acceptor of Repentance: forgive us and allow us to become closer to You, for You are the one Who always accepts repentance. Allow us to make repentance often so You may accept us in Your mercy.

Ya Allāh, Ya Muntaqim, The Avenger: We ask You to take revenge on the oppressors and save the oppressed people and our brothers and sisters all across the globe.

Ya Allāh, Ya ʿAfū, The Pardoner: pardon our sins, make it as if we have never transgressed.

Ya Allāh, Ya Raʾūf, The Gentle: we ask that You forgive our sins, those we know of and those we are unaware of.

Ya Allāh, Mālik-ul-Mulk, The Owner and Sovereign of All Kingdoms: we ask You to grant us paradise and all that is good in this world.

Ya Allāh, Ya Dhū-l-Jalāli wa-l-ʾikrām, The Lord of Majesty and Gratitude: we ask You to bestow glory and love upon our parents and teachers.

Ya Allāh, Ya Muqsiṭ, The Just: we ask You to grant us patience during times of hardship.

Ya Allāh, Ya Jāmiʿ, The Gatherer: surely You will gather the people for a Day about which there is no doubt, indeed, You do not fail in Your promise. Forgive us our sins and remove from us our misdeeds and cause us to die with the righteous.

Ya Allāh, Ya Ghanī, The Self-Sufficient: teach us the best way to fulfill the needs of our heart, body and soul.

Ya Allāh, Ya Mughnī, The Enricher: free us from neediness except for You.

Ya Allāh, Ya Māniʿ, The Withholder: we ask that You prevent any harm from afflicting us.

Ya Allāh, Ya Ḍārr, The Afflictor: we ask that You grant us patience when we are afflicted by any harm that comes our way.

Ya Allāh, Ya Nāfiʿ, The Beneficent: help us always make the right choices as You are the ultimate source of benefit and do not allow us to follow our desires that would distract us from serving You.

Ya Allāh, Ya Nūr, The Light: guide us with Your light and make the quran the light of hearts and graves.

Ya Allāh, Ya Hādī, The Guide: we ask that You guide us to the straight path.

Ya Allāh, Ya Badīʿ, The Innovative Creator: we ask You to help us achieve goals that do not seem feasible to us, as nothing is impossible for You.

Ya Allāh, Ya Bāqī, The Everlasting: we seek ultimate attachment to You alone as You are the only one Who is permanent.

Ya Allāh, Ya Wārith, The Inheritor: allow us to deal with our possessions in this life only as borrowed items that have been entrusted to us by You.

Ya Allāh, Ya Rashīd, The Guide: guide us through the quran and the sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) to do what best pleases You and will enter us paradise.

Ya Allāh, Ya Ṣabūr, The Patient: we ask that You be patient with those of us who are slowly, but surely, on the path. Be patient with us when we stray, and keep the path still open to us when we come back to You.

Finally, Ya Allāh, send peace upon Muhammad and upon the family of Muhammad, as You have sent peace upon Ibrahim, and the family of Ibrahim, and send blessings upon Muhammad and upon the family of Muhammad as You have sent blessings upon Ibrahim, and the family of Ibrahim. You are indeed Worthy of praise, Full of glory.

Ameen, Ameen.

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