2016 End of Year Campaign

What does money mean to you?

Money means programs that address the risks that are facing our youth today.

Money means protecting the Muslim identity.

Money means programs that develop our youth to be the leaders of this organization and the leaders of tomorrow.



Can a price be placed on the future of our children and building an organization that will not only help them retain their deen but also reach their potential? We pray that by giving to MAS it will build, network, and establish our American Muslim community as a positive force of social justice in the land that we call home.

As we continue to move MAS from a volunteer-based organization to a professional one we ask you to help us reach our year end goal to achieve our future aspirations.

Click to hear the National EC Team’s message to you about what money means to MAS.

Your brothers and sisters,

Mazen Mokhtar, Executive Director
Zia Siddiqui, Assistant Director
Issa Abassi, Executive Administrative Assistant
Lobna Mulla, Tarbiya
Asma Tafa, Youth
Oussama Jammal, PACE
Fayez Khwaja, MAS Services
Hatem Gawaly, Administration
Loay Assaf, Membership
Lana Safah, Marketing & Communications
Mohamed Sonbol, Chief Financial Officer