Dr. Maher Hathout


January 8, 2015

The Muslim American Society (MAS) mourns the loss of one of our community’s most respected and prominent members, Dr. Maher Hathout. Dr. Hathout was known for his unfailing commitment to public service and played a fundamental role in building many American Muslim institutions, such as the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California, the Minaret magazine, the New Horizon School system, and the Muslim Public Affairs Council.

Despite being an Egyptian immigrant, Dr. Hathout was a pioneer in the American Muslim identity movement. He highlighted the positive impact that Muslims have had in America and worked even harder at making that impact himself. Among his firmest beliefs was the compatibility of being a practicing Muslim and a patriotic American. He has been quoted as saying: “Home is not where my grandparents are buried, but where my grandchildren will be raised.”

Dr. Hathout touched the lives of most everyone who interacted with him. A physician by profession, he was nonetheless a dedicated interfaith leader, a community bridge builder, a trusted Muslim voice in the community at large, a lecturer, an author, and a beloved teacher.

“Dr. Hathout was a visionary leader who leaves behind a legacy that will impact our community for generations. We ask Allah, Most High, to reward Dr. Hathout with the highest rank in Jannah. We ask that He provide his family with patience and healing and provide all of us with the wisdom to continue to build on his legacy,” said Mazen Mokhtar, director of the Muslim American Society.

* Dr. Hathout Photo: Courtesy of Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC)