Muslim Ban Executive Order 13769


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The Muslim American Society continues to reject the Supreme Court’s decision to allow a modified version of the Muslim Ban Executive Order 13769 “Protecting the nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States” denying the entry of refugees for 120 days and visitors from 6 Muslim majority countries; Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen, for 90 days, from entering the United States. The Supreme Court has allowed this ban for some nationals until it is able to hear arguments and make a final ruling in October. The ambiguity of the amended clause allowing the entry of those with “bona fide” relationship with the US leaves the fate of thousands to the subjectivity of law enforcement officials. It has already given some Transportation Security Administration and Customs & Border Control Officers the liberty to discriminate against Muslims, detaining them or putting them through unwarranted secondary screening at ports of entry around the US.

Refugees that are seeking a safe haven in the United States are fleeing war and persecution in their home countries. They have already gone through the rigorous and lengthy extreme vetting process to grant them the asylum status. It is at the very least unfair and at worst inhumane to deny the dreams and aspirations that these people share with the US founding fathers. Further, the right to seek asylum and to seek to visit the United States, by all citizens of all countries regardless of race, religion or ethnic origin, is provided for by the law and protected by the constitution of the United States. People visiting relatives in the United States from these countries have also gone through the strict process of obtaining visas and must be accorded due process as they seek to be with their loved ones in the US. This ban, in its entirety, is a violation of the constitution hence it has being struck down, twice so far, by US courts.  MAS applauds the decisions of these courts, and that of other prominent individuals and entities to keep the spirit of the constitution alive, despite the odds

Moreover, this ban despite its premise has no basis in ensuring the safety of the nation as no foreign nationals of any of these countries have perpetrated any acts of terror on US soil. Weighing the attitudes and statements of bigotry by the President on his campaign trail and further since assuming office, there is no doubt that this ban proves a legitimate first step in legalizing anti-Muslim bigotry by the US government. This is a very dangerous step not only for the United States but also for the rest of the world as the politics of Washington have far reaching global consequences.

MAS remains firm in its opposition of the Muslim Ban in any and all forms as it remains discriminatory. By targeting Muslims, it undermines our democracy, violates the constitution and stands against the core values and principles that define America. Our resolves remains stronger in persistently challenging this discriminatory policy in the courts by continuing to rally every legislator, civil right organization, interfaith group and civil society organization to permanently halt all manifestations of anti-Muslim bigotry in America. MAS calls all community members to continue to verbalize their objection to the ban and coordinate efforts to overturn it by organizing town halls meetings with individuals, entities, allies, law enforcement agencies and elected representatives.

Lastly, MAS urges anyone who is affected by this ban to report it to MAS PACE, CAIR, MLFA, or other applicable entities.