What We Can Do About Hurricane Harvey

Image courtesy of defense.gov

For Immediate Release

Lana Safah

(Washington D.C., 8/31/17) The Muslim American Society expresses its sympathy to all those affected by Hurricane Harvey. Our condolences are with the family members and loved ones of those who have lost their lives in this devastation. The extent of loss of property and means of livelihood by this hurricane is only slowly unfolding and we join everyone in prayers that the worst of this hurricane is indeed behind us.

MAS chapters in Texas are working with relief organizations to support their work. At this time, relief efforts are being coordinated with many organizations including United Muslim Relief and Islamic Relief. In the wake of the hurricane, MAS-Dallas coordinated and facilitated training of 300 volunteers with Islamic Relief to help manage and operate a Mega Shelter for hosting around 5000 evacuees from Houston. In a statement to members, MAS Executive Director Mazen Mokhtar said: “I urge MAS members, especially those who are near the affected areas, to actively participate in relief efforts. This is Islam in practice. This means volunteering, donating to relief organizations that are active on the ground and opening our Masajid and centers to host those affected by Harvey.”

Mitigating the devastation from Hurricane Harvey is our collective responsibility, as American Muslims. Everyone has something to contribute including their prayers, spreading awareness about the situation, physically joining rescue missions, donating money, goods or services to the efforts.We urge those who can afford it, to make donations to these trusted organizations who are directly engaged with the relief efforts. In these most blessed days of the Islamic sacred month of Dhul Hijjah, what better way to earn Allah’s reward than to be in the aid of our brothers and sisters in these very difficult times.