Welcome to the
Tarbiya Annual Meeting – 2017!

There is nothing like spending the weekend with fellow MAS members who share your passion for working for the sake of Allah swt. Rejuvenate the soul and rekindle your commitment to be a part of the MAS Mission: To move people to strive for God consciousness, liberty, and justice, and to convey Islam with utmost clarity. In short, attending TAM is a great way to fall in love with Tarbiya all over again.

Attend a TAM Near You:

Los Angeles, CA:

TAM West has been postponed. New date, location, and additional details will be announced soon- please check back!

Dallas, TX:

Friday, October 13 – Sunday, October 15
MAS Islamic Center of Dallas
1515 Blake Rd
Richardson TX 75081

Milwaukee, WI:

Details coming soon

TAM East:

Details coming soon

TAM Highlights:

Tarbiya Program Implementation Workshop: Learn how to best optimize your usra’s development plan.

Assessment Tool Training: Find out how this tool can help with self-assessment as well as assist in planning for your usra.

Advanced Mentorship Training: This is a brand new course developed to provide mentors with long-term tools to be productive and effective.

Naqeeb Support Network: Learn how to connect with fellow nuqabaa across the nation and benefit from the experience of our mentors.

Naqeeb Training: Effective immediately, all new nuqabaa are required to take the Naqeeb Training course – take advantage of TAM and attend the course there. Even if you have been a longstanding naqeeb, you will benefit from a refresher course and benefit others with your experience during discussions.

Panel Discussion with the National Team and Mentors: Connect and share thoughts with members of the National Team as well as Mentors who can benefit attendees with their breadth of experience.


  1. If I live locally, can I just drive back and forth and not stay in the hotel?
    A: To reap the full benefits of TAM, it is highly encouraged to stay in the hotel. In that way, you maximize your focus on all of the lectures, interaction with fellow members, benefit from group salah, and contribute to the overall energy of the weekend.
  2. How do I register?
    A: Click on the Register Now button found on this page associated with the TAM you would like to attend.
  3. What if a TAM outside of my region works better for my schedule?
    A: You may register for the TAM that works best for you.

Any other questions? Need financial assistance? Contact TAM Coordinator, Br. Nauman Khan at (818) 383 – 5479 (texting preferred) or email at tam@muslimamericansociety.org