2017 Chapter Leadership Meeting

What is the Chapter Leadership Meeting – CLM?

The CLM is a two-day meeting where all MAS and MAS local leadership teams meet annually in one of the US 50 states

What is the purpose of the Chapter Leadership Meeting – CLM?

The purpose of CLM is to ensure that MAS leadership teams are well aligned on the strategic goals & objectives, reaffirm that everyone in the leadership teams understands why we are doing what we are doing, provide feedback on the upcoming annual plan, and share successful local experiences

Who is invited to the CLM?

  • Chapter council members
  • Department directors and leads (i.e. Youth, Tarbiya, PACE/Outreach)
  • Executive directors
  • Chapter leadership selected and approved active members

When and where is the 2017 CLM?


November 11th and 12th

  • Arrive Friday night. We will start early on Saturday iA
  • The meeting ends on Sunday around 2 PM


Ascend Camp and Retreat Center /  Camp El-Har

Address: 5218 Kiwanis Rd, Dallas TX 75236

Agenda of the meeting is located here


  1. When does the program start and end?
    1. The program starts on Saturday ~ 8:00 AM and ends on Sunday ~2:00 PM. Please adjust your travel plans for the two days
  2. When should I plan on arriving?
    1. Friday night, so you are well rested to start early on Saturday iA
  3. Will I have my own personal room?
    1. No. This is a camp with bunk-bed cabins. Each cabin accommodates about 18 people. Cabins are air-conditioned and comfortable
  4. What should I bring with me?
    1. Personal items such as towel, sheet, personal toiletries
    2. Don’t bring pillows, comforters or sleeping bags. Disposable bedding items minus sheets will be provided iA
  5. Is there a welcome packet and directions to the camp?
    1. Yes, please find it here