MAS Charlotte’s Solar Panel Initiative


MAS Charlotte has partnered with a local company, PowerHome Solar, to bring solar panels to its local neighborhood and MAS Center. Once 40 homes in the area have purchased solar panels through this initiative, PowerHome Solar will then donate enough solar to cover about 25% of the center’s current electricity needs. The local MAS Center functions as a Community Center, Islamic School, and masjid.

This program is unique because the “financing model is innovative in a state that presents many barriers for faith institutions to go solar. North Carolina is one of only four states in the country that forbids the third-party sale of electricity—meaning that it is illegal to buy electricity from any entity besides the regulated monopoly utility. This ban makes it difficult for faith institutions and other non-profits without a tax appetite or upfront capital to access renewable energy. Furthermore, with North Carolina’s 35 percent renewable energy tax credit set to expire at the end of the year, people across the state—including MAS congregants—are eager to get their share of solar while they can.”

“As stated in the holy text, the Hadith, and reinforced by the recent Islamic Climate Declaration, the moral duty for creation care is deeply rooted in the Islamic faith tradition: Partake of it gladly, so long as you are a benefactor, not a despoiler; a cultivator, not a destroyer.”

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MAS Charlotte Solar Program

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