Muslim Ban Proclamation

The Muslim American Society (MAS) continues to reject President Trump’s Muslim Ban even it’s most recent version that will take effect on Oct 18th. This new ban affects people from Chad, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, Venezuela and Yemen. We urge everyone to familiarize themselves with the intricate details of this new ban and any modifications that may be made to it in the coming days. This recent proclamation is a continuation of discriminatory and unnecessary measures against travelers from Muslim Majority countries.

As with the other versions, this ban has no basis in ensuring the safety of the nation and if anything, is an attempt to advance political aims at the expense of our democracy. It violates the constitution and stands against the core values and principles that define America. With these actions and his unchecked political rhetoric, the President continues to legitimize Muslim bigotry and brew hatred in the minds of ordinary Americans. Further, these bans, statements and sentiments that support it, only add to the imbalance of the global political atmosphere at this time. It continues to give Immigration Officials, TSA officers and CBP Control Officers the liberty to discriminate against Muslims, denying them their immigration rights, detaining them or putting them through unwarranted secondary screening at US ports of entry.

MAS calls all community members to continue to verbalize their objection to the ban and coordinate efforts to overturn it by organizing town halls meetings with individuals, entities, allies, law enforcement agencies and elected representatives. We remain strong in our resolve to persistently challenge this discriminatory policy in the courts. We will rally every legislator, civil right organization, interfaith group and civil society organization to permanently halt all manifestations of anti-Muslim bigotry in America.

Lastly, MAS urges anyone who is affected by this ban to report it to MAS PACE, CAIR, MLFA, your local, state and national representatives or other applicable entities.