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MAS’ Tarbiyah and Ilm Camp is a camp where young Muslims experience life-changing, spiritual revitalization while cultivating deep bonds of companionship.


Focusing on personal development of individuals through a comprehensive Islamic educational curriculum, MAS promotes active involvement in communities across the U.S. by providing opportunities for community service, interfaith initiatives, youth programs, and civic engagement. By cooperating and collaborating with other organizations, MAS has expanded its reach into thousands of communities across the United States.

40 Chapters/Centers

MAS has chapters and community centers spanning all regions of the continental United States.

Serving 14,000 adults weekly

MAS engages 14,000 weekly through usras, halaqas, workshops, seminars and more.

Serving 7,000 youth weekly

MAS engages 7,000 young people weekly as they work to establish a solid connection to their faith.