Senseless hate crime. Terrorist attack. Parking skirmish. Hate crime. Can you guess which one doesn’t belong?

Belonging. Contribution. Dying too young. Life. Happiness. How? Let’s talk about it.

Over 40k posts, 60+ vigils, $90k+ donated… add 100 million more voices talking for the dear, departed couple & sister all over the interwebs, and you know it’s time for this conversation to move beyond the virtual into the shocking reality where it came from.

With heavy hearts, how do we discuss this sudden reminder? And of what does it remind us? How do we react? Community healing matters because we’re stronger together. Let’s talk. Join us as we livestream the virtual conversation on Google Hangout to answer some questions, and ask other ones.

Converse Virtually | Understand to Heal Physically | Remember Eternally

Confirmed Panelists:

  • Br. Hatem Bazian (Professor, UC Berkeley)
  • Shaykha Muslema Purmul (Co-founder, Safa Center)
  • Br. Mazen Mokhtar (MAS Executive Director)
  • Sr. Zahra Billoo (Executive Director, CAIR SFBA)
  • Br. Aatif Abdul-Qadeer (Director of Youth Development at MYC Triangle: Muslim Youth Coalition at IAR -ICM )
  • Sr. Aber Kawas (MAS Youth National Committee)