Why Donate? Because our work matters. Because our youth matter. Because conveying Islam with utmost clarity matters.

Why MAS? MAS develops proactive Muslim Americans committed to improving themselves and their communities, through sincere work for the sake of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala, and through following in the footsteps of our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAAWS. Though many organizations do similar work, MAS sets itself apart through Tarbiya, a system where tazkiya and activism go hand in hand. Through our Tarbiya system, we strive to achieve the Prophetic model, driven by the prompt “Propagate from me even a verse”- بلغوا عني و لو آية

What will the money go to? Alhamdulillah, we have committed volunteers, but we are aiming to build professional stability so that we may focus on developing our leaders and their communities. By contributing to our campaign this Ramadan, you will be helping us raise the necessary funds to continue our unique path of youth development and Tarbiya, while gaining unimaginable reward, as Allah SWT said: “Who is he who will loan to Allah a beautiful loan? For (Allah) will increase it manifold to his credit, and he will have (besides) a generous reward.” How much will your beautiful loan be?